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Providing camera setup, on set data management and color correction. Supporting RED Digital Camera, Panasonic P2 System, Sony SxS, Nikon / Canon DSLR, ARRI ALEXA (including ARRIRAW with Codex, S.two, and Gemini onboard reocders), and other digital cinema cameras. Standardized best practices workflows, ensuring data integrity and minimizing the risk of catastrophic data loss. Studio and mobile—on set and near set—data, color and workflow solutions for productions of all sizes.

Like many, my first filmmaking experiences were with Kodak 16mm Plus-X and Tri-X reversal shot through Bolex cameras. Eager to get my hands dirty, I was soon running my university's film processor, maintaining flatbed editors, transferring footage to tape, and color correcting as many projects as I could get. Being on the forefront of the digital revolution while having processed over 100,000 ft of 16mm film and spent hundreds of hours transferring and coloring 16mm footage, becoming a DIT seemed both logical next step and exciting opportunity. I was keen to hone the skills I'd gained meticulously overseeing image quality in the analogue domain and apply them on the new digital frontier.

I was fortunate to be ahead of the curve when tapeless cameras started showing up on sets and I continually train on new technologies in order to maintain that lead.

Living in the Washington, DC metro area, I regularly work in DC, Baltimore, Philidelphia, New York City, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, and throughout the northeast corridor—as well as traveling around the world.


Vision Meets Technology

Photographer  /  Cinematographer  /  Digital Imaging Technician – IATSE Local 600